Custom / Mobile Camp

Let us come to you!

Christian Warrior Adventure Camp (CWAC) can come to your location, with all we have to offer.  If you want to customize a camp to your needs, we are happy to provide this service. CWAC and its staff are able to travel just about anywhere we can drive as long as you can provide the space or location. We can set up most of our activities in a fairly small space depending on what you want us to provide. Fields, woodlots, church parking lots will all work most of the time. We have done church fun, family days or weekends, father and son weekends. We have set up camps for the Boy Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Trail Life USA, Royal Rangers, Sports Teams and Missionary Groups. Your imagination is really the limit.

Call us today; we would love to talk about your ideas and what we can offer. Dustin Chappell (540)388-8199




What we can offer:

  • Archery – Adult & youth
  • Slingshot – Adult & youth
  • Tomahawk Throwing – Adult & youth
  • Spear Throwing – Adult & youth
  • Low Ropes & Teambuilding Courses
  • Bush Craft & Survival classes
  • Fire Building
  • Building Survival Shelters
  • Primitive Trapping Classes
  • Bow Building
  • Survival Fishing
  • Land Navigation
  • Water Purifying
  • Camp Fire Cooking

We offer many other classes and skills. These are just a few of the most popular.