Weekend Family Camp (Basic)


Starts Friday at 5:00 pm and ends Sunday at 2 pm.

This is a camp experience for the whole family. (Couples are encouraged to attend as well) Many topics will be covered over the weekend as well as basic camping skills.  Think of this as kind of “getting started” type course.  The skills to be learned include:

  • Proper fire building, several methods will be taught
  • Shelter construction
  • Basic first aid
  • Water collection & purifying
  • 72 hour signaling & rescue
  • Picking the right gear for you

There will be hands on skills and craft assignments given to be completed as individuals and as a family during this class.

young boy playing in the woods with a net

Gear List

  • Head lamp w/spare batteries
  • Tent or shelter for your family
  • (No campers) hammocks are really popular
  • Sleeping bag(s)
  • Changes of clothing
  • Rain gear
  • Any gear you want to bring or try out
  • Preferred snacks and drinks
  • Water bottle
  • Personal medications