5 Day Rappahannock Canoe Trip

5 Day Rappahannock Canoe Trip

Teens  12-15  15-17  Coed

College age class available 18-25

This camp is a 5 day canoe trip down the scenic and historic Rappahannock River. This trip starts at Kelly’s Ford and ends at the Virginia Outdoor Center. We cover about 5-7 miles a day on the River and then set up camp each night. This camp is a coed camp, so girls will sleep in girl tents and boys will sleep in boy tents. The instructors will sleep in the instructor tent. The purpose of this camp is to teach Christ centered leadership principles that will help grow and mature each young adult that attends this course. The teens will be put into leadership positions during the week that will not only challenge them but get them outside of their comfort zones. This will help establish a foundation that will not only help them in school but, for future jobs and ultimately life in general. Some of these challenges will include, delegating authority, camp set up and tear down, making sure fellow camp mates are fed, plotting the next day’s course on the river and briefing on these events. This camp also involves bush craft & survival skills that will be taught daily:

  • Fire building
  • Shelter setup
  • Thermal regulation (regulating the body’s temperature)
  • Basic first aid
  • Water survival (water proofing)
  • Fishing
  • Food procurement
  • Camp fire cooking
  • Water purifying
  • Proper use of cutting tools
  • Signaling & rescue

The expert instructor staff will oversee and give direction every step of the way.

  • Tent will be provided
  • Canoes will be provided (No Kayaks)
  • Life jackets are provided unless you want to bring your own.
  • Life jackets will be worn by everyone at all times on the River, even when playing in the water or swimming. No Exceptions!

Meals will be provided 3 times a day with healthy snacks in between.  Water and Gatorade will be provided as drinks. We do not provide soda (for trash reasons).  If there are any special dietary needs or allergies please let me know and we will work to accommodate you.  If you are Vegan or vegetarian, we can work with you only to a certain point. You may be asked to provide some of your teens’ meals. We do eat meat and get fish from the River to eat. If killing and eating fish bothers your teen, this course probably isn’t for them.

girl fishing while her mother paddles the canoe

Gear List

  • Sleeping bag
  • Head lamp / 3 sets of spare batteries
  • Swim suite / we also bathe in these
  • Rain gear or poncho
  • Changes of clothing for the week – Shorts & at least one pair of long pants.
  • 1 dry set of clothing for sleeping every night – It still gets cold at night in summer.
  • Back pack for gear
  • 4 heavy duty lawn bags
  • Brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen/waterproof SPF 30 or greater
  • Bug spray – no skin so soft
  • Closed toe water shoes or old tennis shoes. No flip flops or sandals
  • Pair of tennis shoes or boots to keep dry while not on River
  • Metal water bottle. I recommend wide mouth “Klean Kanteen” 32 or 40 oz. – your teen will be purifying their water in this.
  • Plastic camp plate
  • Hygienic kit – Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, camp soap, comb, brush, chopstick.
  • Towels x 2


  • Any feminine products for the week.
  • Sports bra’s only.
  • Synthetic blend undergarments only.  No 100% cotton.
  • Questions?  Please call.